Hydroseeding And Erosion

People often ask, Why hydroseed? Hydroseeding is an excellent way to seed a lawn and provide erosion control in less then ideal conditions .

We only use Hydrostraw brand mulch. Since it is made from renewable, natural fibre, it is the new alternative paper and wood mulches. For Steep sloped areas we carry a Bonded Fibre Matrix mulch and a Guar Plus mulch which provides an extra erosion control ability. We can efficiently seed large projects, or access challenging areas with 225′ long hose application. At Willowlee we can match any site specific seed or mulch specification to any job.


From the steep slopes to the flat sites we have the erosion control products you need to keep your site covered. We use StrawNet mulch on drill seeded areas to minimize erosion and improve seed germination. Hydraulically applied Hydrostraw products from standard mulch to added tackifiers and Bonded Fibre Matrix will make things grow. A range of blankets including straw to coconut fibres can be installed on extreme slopes. Ask us about how we can help you establish vegetation on slopes.