Professional Services

Willowlee Sod Farms offers complete application and installation services for all of our products.

We can offer a customized solution to meet the needs of you and your client.



We are able to prep sites prior to installation of sod / seed or hydroseed with the use of walk behind and machine driven power rakes.

Sod Installation:

We have crews trained to install both our standard 2ft x 5ft small rolls and our 4ft x 80ft large rolls.

Brillion Seeding:

Using the Willowlee Alternative method we can apply seed to your site with a combination of fertilizer andĀ pelletizedĀ mulch to effectively establish growth.

Hydroseeding and Erosion Control:

With the equipment and expertise on hand Willowlee Sod is able to customize an Erosion control solution to fit your needs. We build customer solutions becuase no two job sites are the same and one size does not fit all.

Watering Services

We are equipped with a 4500 gallon water truck that allows us to provide aftercare to your projects, we understand that finishing a project is rarely ever done once the sod is down and are set up to support the project with watering and aftercare programs.

Fertilization and Sports Field Renovation

With our custom fertilizer blends, Willowlee Sod offers seasonal maintenance services to keep your green spaces healthy