RTF Water Saver Sod

Use less water with RTF Water Saver Sod. RTF stands for Rhizomatous Tall Fescue, a new variety of sod that has been designed to help save water. The roots of RTF Water Saver sod can go as deep as 6 feet allowing the sod to reach water that is not normally available to other varieties and species. Because of this, RTF requires up to 25% less irrigation, saving you time and money. Its drought tolerance also makes it a great fit for shaded areas where other grasses can’t grow.

In addition to its deep rooting system, RTF is a self-repairing grass. This means it will quickly fill in any damaged or open spots with new shoots of grass. This also helps the grass create a very dense and uniform turf which makes it look and feel great.



Ultra 3-D Sod

Darker: 3-D sod has been specifically to yield a naturally darker turf. Simply put, this means less fertilizing. You’ll be able to have the same rich green lawn you expect without the use of costly and sometimes harmful chemicals.

Denser: Aside from the aesthetic beauty of a thick lawn, the new 3-D sod’s improved density will help compete with weeds by actually squeezing them out. Plus, 3-D sod will green up quick in the spring giving you the first green lawn on the block.

Dwarfer: Our 3-D sod provides less vertical growth and a lower canopy height. It’s an attribute with a benefit that is terribly simple to understand… less mowing. Stop spending all weekend working on your lawn rather than just enjoying it.

Our Ultra 3-D sod is the same sod you seen on TV being used by the pros. Major League Baseball and the National Football League use Ultra 3-D sod as their home fields. It’s perfect for your own little all-star.