Winter Snow Operations

At Willowlee, we offer complete winter maintenance to our customers. We can put together a winter maintenance package that will cover your snow removal needs throughout the winter so you will never have to lift a shovel again.

Our services include:

  • Plowing
  • Salting
  • Sanding
  • Sidewalk plowing and salting.
  • Snow removal/hauling

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The treated Salt that saves you time, money and trouble, Willowlee offers many great options to enhance your current stockpile or get you started on the right path to creating an effective and efficient winter ice control program. We offer this in four convenient options:

  1. Bags – Ice B’Gone Magic comes in 50lb Bags
  2. Bulk – Ice B’Gone pre-treated salt (minimum 1 bulk Yard)
  3. Liquid – Ice B’Gone Liquid used to pre-treat properties.
  4. Stock pile Treatment – We can treat existing rock salt stockpiles, call for details.

For more information call us today at 613-966-0338!

Benefits of treated Salt:

* Ice B’ Gone Magic treated Salt works to –35° F

* Use 35% to 50% Less Salt * Eliminates Black Ice

* Eliminates Hard Pack

* 90% Less Corrosive Than Salt

* Safer For All Surfaces – Even Quality Concrete Surfaces

* No Messy White Residue

* Reduces Custodial Care

* 100% Biodegradable

* Friendlier To Landscape

* Extends Life Of Equipment

* Pet Friendly

Know the difference! IBG Vs Beat Juice

IBGbeat juice

Actual Water Content

IBG waterbeat juice water